About us

Divine nature from the sea

We are small company that is producing and selling white sea fish and other sea products. Our fish farm is located in bay of Sobra on island Mljet, in Adriatic sea nearby Dubrovnik. It is famous for its cristal clear sea and preserved environment. Our fish farm is strategically located in the bay that is rich with plankton and minerals and where the ocean stream constantly brings clean and healthy sea water.
On the island of Mljet there is National Park Mljet and we believe this is another proof of conserved environment our fish farm is part of.
Besides clear Adriatic sea our main advantage is completely natural fish production. The whole proces of fish production is done by our employees' hands and special attention is paid on preservation of environment. Also, we always pay special attention that the fish has plenty of room to swim and that is not over-populated into the small and narrow cages.
Besides the food provided by Mother Nature, we decided to feed our fish with the best food available on the world markets (Naturalleva - Italy). We also decided not to feed our fish with any medications or antibiotic laced food.

Due to all of this we dare to say that we offer You divine nature from the sea!
Riba Mljet was established in 2003. And from then till today we offer to our customers one of the healthiest groceries – fresh fish of great quality with a naste of nature.   
Customer satisfaction is one of our most important goals to achieve, we are flexible and always on our customer's disposal. We offer fresh fish that is caught only according to the orders and we are proud that we deliver fish to our customers – from the sea to our customers adress – for less than 20 hours.  
We were first and only Naturland certified farm in Croatia which we abandoned for economic reasons, but we continued with the same treatment and standards. We have HACCP system implemented since 2009.
We grow meagre, sea bass and sea bream.
Go hrough our web pages and let us show and prove that we offer only the best for You!  

From the sea to the customer for less than 20 hours

There are more reasons why we are proud that our fish is of highest quality. Let us share with You few of those:

- our fish farm is located on the island and not in/close to the city,
- there is no industry nearby,
- our fish farm is located on place where sea depth is over 60 meters,
- fish farm is in cristal clear sea where there are strong sea currencies,
- fish food is GMO free,
- we pay special attention to put optimal number of fish per cage,
- our production policy is: nothing but natural!!!


Fish feeding is done only by hands

Our employees are instructed to feed fish only by hands and fish is monitored while eating. A s soon as fish stops to eat feeding is stoped. In this way influence (polution) on the environment is put on minimum because there is no fish food leftovers.


Catching by hands

After orders are done, our employees are catching fish by hands and only in quantity ordered. In this way our customers always get fresh fish and there is no fish left in the fridge.  
During fish catching, fish is stored in ice slurry. This is so called ice schock and we use this method because it is the most human and quickiest way for fish to die.  

Preparation for customers

Fish is sorted by hands and prepared according to our customer's needs. Afterwards it is transported in shortest possible period to our customers.